Wifi: connection limited – how to solve

There is plenty articles in internet talking about issue with „connection limited“. Sometimes they are connected to some specific type of notebook, sometime it’s overall. The common issue looks like:

  • Wifi is sometimes in status „connected“
  • But sometimes the connection is stated as „limited“
  • It can jump from „connected“ to „limited“ easily
  • Sometimes „limited“ takes a long time
  • Disconnection from Acces point / router – does not help
  • Restart of computer does not help
  • Disabling Network adapters does not help
  • And using plenty of  netsh.exe
  • In below articles there are some tricks – usually some of them might help
  • Sometimes mentioned with Windows 8 operating system
  • But quite often all tricks are not helping
  • Everything works fine in othere networks




I cannot really provide solution here, but there is also one indication about the issue which you can use as clue:
Check the event log and try to find, id there is event leading to DHCP client and possible unavailability to get  IP address from DHCP server.
Then start to think more about router / Acces point why it is not giving address to you.

You may try also this (also not worked for me):


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