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OK, here are some basic steps.

# Rule 1  – Unlimited everything

You need to choose really unlimited hosting. Very important are :

  • unlimited domains – allows you to create effective web applications with own domain – so it does not look like student or amateur site.
  • unlimited databases – today every application (website, CMS, photogallery, survey etc.) needs database. So you need unlimited amouth of databases
  • unlimited space – this is clear. So much megabytes of space as you really need.
  • Unlimited email, FTP accounts and other – this you need for your users, partners etc.

Warning – if you dont choose unlimited hosting, you need always thing about new hosting, you often need to calculate how much space you still have, how many users you can create for some project OR globally you will think again and again „probably I need new hosting for this project“.

# Rule 2 – Extra easy administration

This is clear. You need the simplest administration to configure your webs. The Life is so short to still learn something new. So, you need to choose something very clear, where you can easily orientate. This is every hosting with cPanel administration. While I lost so much time by learnin other administration panels from different company, cPanel is a standard. The big advantage of cPanel is that it is really intuitive and fast interface. You just take a look to icons and you can easily see what and how to do. The best hostings have cPanel. CPanel contains everything what you need ( administration of domains, email/ftp accounts, subdomains, redirections, file managers, seo tools and many other – everything what webmaster need)

# Rule 3 – Automatical installation of web applications

Don’t waste your time. Manual installation of wordpress takes 10 – 20 minutes. Automaticall instalation takes 1-2 minutes. There is no advantage for manual instaling WordPress. If you need, you can still specify some things manually (database, password, login).  Then you can save another time when you need to update several installations of WordPress / Joomla etc. Manualy you need to be carefull, delete and copy some files etc. Automatically you only need to push button.

# Rule 4 – Reliability

This is also clear, just one comment : not every hosting company provides reliable service. There could be some break, outages, failures. So choose carefully right company.

# Rule 5 – Villing and experienced support !

This is very important. Sometimes you really have some crucial question or some serious problem and you need a help. This help should be ONLINE! Any other kind of help is bad. Sending some tickets somewhere and waiting for answer ? Waiting for email answer ? No! No! No! In case of issues you really need help immediately. The best way is Live Chat. Also phone is good but I prefere live chat, becouse then you can let the support send the conversarion to your mailbox, so you will not forget, what has been agreed. Also some hyperlinks, settings, codes  are better to sent via online chat.

The support should be also experianced. It is not a win, when you have some „monkey support“ online whole day. You are again loosing your time, becouse they do not know, they are trying …

E.g. Some days ago I have to solve some problem on one Australian hosting. They really did not help me at all. I spent hours to explain problem, but evidently the person did not know anything about domains, adresses, wordpress installations. I have to send him the article from internet to show him the point, but still I did not get help. Finally I solved the problem by myself but I lost hours of my time by writing emails, explaining, trying, testing.

And just same request  I had also at HostMonster.com, where it was solved online in 2 minutes.

What I am using and what is checked by me :

All rules mentioned above you can get at these hostings :

  • HostMonster.com (there I have most of my webs, and this site is located there also)
  • Bluehost.com
  • JustHost.com
  • I will add some webhostings later, when I will have some experience with them
  • You can put some other tips to comments, but please add there only a serious ones which are related to my rules (unlimited, reliable, cpanel, auto instalation, very googd online support)

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I have made maybe hundreds of websites, web projects, little or bigger pages, simple or difficult ones. The most anoying for me was always choosing the best webhosting. You know ,again and again to check what is better, cheaper, what is missing and what is offered for basic price. Big lost of time to compare their tables, where some properties are checked and unchecked.

I don’t have time to compare what webhosting offers again and again …

It is funny when you have to carefully check that this hosting has unlimited mysql databases, but only one domain is included, another hosting offers unlimited domains but just only one database and so on. I really hate this kind of comparing …

When is hosting unlimited, you don’t need to compare. Just (only) check the price

Luckily I found that there are such companies offering something like unlimited hosting (unlimited multihosting). What does it really mean ? Do you need ten WordPress instalations, three Joomla webs, one e-comerce solution and some photogallery application ? Don’t care. Unlimited hosting has everything unlimited. Nobody is interested how many databases you use, how many domain was added to hosting. No limit about space. Tens of gigabytes are here for you.

Do you think, that is is impossible ? No, I am using this solution about 5 years and I am really happy.

Best unlimited hosting ever

(Basically I have choosen and I am using them and they are „verified“ over years. There is low price, high reliability, simple instalation of web applications and fast and willing live chat support)

  1. HostMonster.com
  2. Bluehost.com
  3. JustHost.com

How can I say that ? Check my article How to choose multihosting.

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Usually servers with cPanel are configured not so logical way for me. Primary domain is redirected to html_public folder while other addon domains are directed to automatically created subfolders with same names as domain.

Primary domain in own subfolder…

The clear way is of course to have every domain content placed in its folder. Why the primary domain in cPanel should be the exception ? If you install WordPress there, then the content of WordPress (or any other CMS such Joomla) is mixes with addon domains subfolders. This is really not the goal …

How to install CMS to primary domain in cPanel ?

In the default setting you can easily install WordPress/Joomla by automaticall instalation (SimpleScripts / softaculus). But then you get the problem described above. WordPress content is in html_public folder.

Usualy the first idea then is to create new directory such as html_public/HowCreateWeb.com to have proper place for wordpress. But then you need to specify this folder at automatical installation and you will get wordpress in proper directory. But what’s wrong ? WordPress is installed in directory www.howcreateweb.com/howcreateweb.com. Logically… you specified folder, wordpress was instaled there. But this is not goog addres. We don’t need the application at different adress. We just need www.howcreateweb.com and wordpress in folder html_public/HowCreateWeb.com

Which reconfiguration of primary domain is needed ?

I found three ways, what are people recomending.

  1. reconfigiring some configuration files. Unfortunatelly I have no access there to change mentioned files
  2. .htaccess file – I changed the file according the instructions found on Bluehost.com. Maybe it works there, but at other hosting servers I got only confusing results. WordPress was installed to www.howcreateweb.com, its content was placed to html_public/HowCreateWeb.com, but somehow inside wordpress I can see WordPress Address and Site Address (URL) again as www.howcreateweb.com/howcreateweb.com
  3. the winning solution : other change of htaccess described bellow – this works for me now.

This solution I found on other webhosting and you need to place .htaccess in html_public folder with this content :

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index.php$ – [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
# END WordPress

Be efficient from beginning and save tens of hours

Unfortunatelly I spent really many hours trying to do this change. I was chating with hosting company, I had to explain again and again what I need, I had to show all problems and all variations, becouse they was still advicing me those bad solutions. Finally I did not get any resolution from them!

Other (much better!) experience I have with HostMonster.com and BlueHost.com, where the support on LiveChat was so experienced, that they changed configuration by themselves in minutes, without pushing me to try this and that. Really I did not do any configuration and the  reconfigured it as I wanted.

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