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Did your WordPress web suddenly go to blank page ? Then check admin section ( /wp-admin ). If the admin section is accesible then it is not so bad. Login inside web and deactivate all plugins or deactivete one by one. Usually the issue is connected to some plugin. When you find the corrupt plugin, then you win,…
Sometimes it is not posible to deactivate plugin (very special cases). Then simpy connect through FTP and delete it this way.

If this cannot help you, then you can also easily upgrade your wordpress. Don’t detele wp-content folder and wp-config.php file, but othet files you can delete. Then install new version files. Also plugins you can delete and update.

written by Jiří Polášek

Čvc 27

Several must have plugins for Worpress CMS :

The basic – important WordPress plugins, which you really need

  1. Akismet – protects WordPress from spam commants. This wp plugin is the firt which I always install and activate
  2. WordPress SEO by Yoast / All in One SEO pack – two plugins which can help with SEO. Actually both of them are good, but Yoast’s plugin seems to mee litle bit less user friendly
  3. BackWPup – backuping WordPress data
  4. Google Analytics for WordPres – you should measure the visits, so choose this or similar plugin

Aditional WP plugins which can help

  1. W3 Total cache – increasing speed of WordPress
  2. Contact Form 7 – most probably you need contact form for you visitors
  3. Better WordPress Recent Comments / Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod – both of these plugins increase usibility of your posts and comemnts. The basic functionality of WordPress is insufficient
  4. Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Social Widgets – definitively you will appereciate this social plugin


written by Jiří Polášek

Kvě 25

If you get 404 error at your wordpress site, when you need to user Contact form 7 and Email Before Download surely there is mistake in using shortcode.

I red all those discussions an so on – no changes of php scripts inside plugins are needed.   You just only need to use proper shortcode. Maybe there is some problem that something was change in different versions in Comtact form 7 plugin, but definitively this plugin generates this shortcode by himself :

contact-form-7 id=“635″ title=“Kontaktní formulář  1″

This works OK, but when you add email shortcode like :

email-download download_id=“1″  contact-form-7 id=“635″ title=“Kontaktní formulář  1″

Then you get the 404 page.

If you need to get it working, use this shortcode :

email-download download_id=“1″ contact_form_id=“635″

Notice that I am using different code for contact form :
contact-form-7 id=“635″ versus contact_form_id=“635″

written by Jiří Polášek

Kvě 25

Primarily WordPress cannot change the menus according to diplayed content. Sometimes you really need to have different menu foe specific categories. Of yourse, there is one way – change the functions inside template, which need litle bit coding.

There is also other way, how to do that by using some wordpress plugin, which could be quite easy way. I tested all those 4 plugins and I have Chosen the winner:

  1. WooSidebars
  2. Section Widget
  3. Custom sidebars
  4. Per page widgets

WooSidebars – the best solution for specific sidebar or menu inside category

All plugins mentioned above have some disadvantages. Espacially I had problem to assign specific content to category, becouse usually you can use sidebar just only to wordpress page or one wordpress post, but not for whole category.

Woosidebars allows you to create several special sidebars, each sidebar could be assigned to page or post or whole category or e.g. „404 page“. Jou just only need to create new sidebar and then in „widget setting“ you need to assign there a menu. That’s all…

woosidebar - specific content for menu / sidebar


written by Jiří Polášek

Dub 01

WordPress itself allows to import content from other CMS (content managemet systems). Unfortunatelly this is not enough especially when you need to import from other system then Blogger and othes usual systems.

How to import from old own CMS ?

I had just problem to get data from my old php system, which was in past programmed by me. This was just very old application, which was working perfectly, but there was simply not any standard how the data was kept in database. So I had my own structure of post names, content, date/time format, etc.

Logically there is not any tool which can transfer this data to WordPress. So I tried somehow get some „sorted structure“. Only one thing which was quite standartized was RSS channel from my site. So I tried to use it together with some WordPress RSS importer plugins. No succes. I did not get it…

Is CSV or XLS the good way how import data to WordPress ?

Yes, finnaly I used just this option. So the procedure was this :

  1. Export data from MySQL database to CSV file
  2. Then I had to somehow „play“ with these information, becouse logicaly the fields from my own CMS was totaly different to anything else. I had to „forgot“ some fields as some „data/time“ filelds or some other parameters
  3. Then I uses some import plugins for wordpress. I remember that the most usable was one of these : Wp Ultimate CSV Importer or CSV Importer
  4. Then I connected some fields from CSV to offered field from Importer

One thing which caused problem for firts time was of course encoding, but whan I choose UTF-8 everywhere, then it was OK.

Last comment – unfortunately some old articles in old systems had some special characters inside so I saved only 90% of content and the rest had to be manually edited …


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Pro 26

Potřebujete ve WordPressu nějakou funkci, kterou vám běžné plugine nejsou schopny poskytnout ? Vyznáte se v MySQL a PHP ? Pak tady je jednoduchý návod, který jsem použil já :

  1. V adresáři plugins si vytvořte svůj podadresář (napč Rax)a umístěte  sem php soubor (rax.php)
  2. V souboru je nutno uvést hlavičku se základními informacemi
  3. Vámi požadovanou funkci můžete spustit na základě tzv. hacků – zjednodušeně řečeno – WordPress má ve svém fungování nadefinována místa, kam můžete vložit nějaký hack navazující na nějakou událost. Tak třeba  při vypsání postu, můžete specifikovat, že se má spustit vámi definovaná nová funkce (třeba zobrazení nějaké fotografie)
  4. Pokud chcete aby měl plugin nějaké své admin rozhraní a objevoval se v administrátorském menu, použijte funkci
    • add_options_page
    • add_menu_page
  5. Dále už si pak všechno můžete naprogramovat v php

Pěkný návod jsem našel zde : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/wordpress/creating-a-custom-wordpress-plugin-from-scratch/

written by Jiří Polášek

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When some user tried to send comment without needfull data (email, name, text), then he get error 500 in browser. Continue reading »

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